Over 12-years have passed since I, KurtJMac, started playing video games for an audience on YouTube and Twitch. Nearly every one of those days we've come up with stupid, funny, ridiculous jokes and ideas that had no outlet. UNTIL NOW! ...and here you are, having been tricked into considering puchasing them!

Additionaly, I've been very disappointed in the quality of print-on-demand services for little items like stickers, magnets, and whatnot. So I've decided to work directly with local area printing houses to bring my weird ideas to fruition. Each item sold in this store is packed, stamped, and fulfilled personally by me at the very desk I make Far Lands or Bust. This is my way of saying, if you find a stray Juno hair or gluten-free breadcrumb in your envelope consider it "value added!"

Of course, since I'm sourcing and fulfilling orders from this store myself, a much larger portion of the proceeds go towards fueling my continued work online, on Twitch and YouTube, and bringing more of my bad ideas to reality. Thank you very much for your support! 

Shopping & Shipping FAQs

  • A minimal shipping charge is added to each order. Shipping outside the USA is slightly more to cover the cost of international postage.
  • Multiple items per order reduce the overall per-item shipping charge.
  • State Sales Tax is automatically added when required.
  • Any questions about products or ordering please use the Contact form.


Visit kurtjmac.com for additional places to find me!